The (typographic) problem with the spider bite

The black widow spider bite would not kill if you treat it. It might not kill you either if you dont or cant go to the hospital, but you might suffer a lot. However, the authorities recommend going immediately to the nearest hospital if one is bitten by a black widow. There are certain steps that one might follow in the event of a spider bite.

I learnt all this information in a recent visit to the London  zoo. But I wonder who would read the instructions in “the event of a bite from a venomous bite”, which probably would not kill but it will surely be a quite stressful situation. If typography could be the difference between life and death, in this particular case it would almost certainly would meant death. Or who could read that text in the “event of a bite” of a black widow?

Instructions were hardly possible to read from across the window, plus the light reflects and of course, the election of type size and colour.

Two specimens of black widow in the front, behind a glass, and inside two separated containers. In the rare event of them escaping and biting someone you should read the instructions on the back. Good Luck!