Hello and welcome to this blog, a place where I’d like to share my thoughts and research about typography and letterforms.

My name is Elena,  I am a Spanish researcher, graphic designer, journalist and publisher and, above all, I am passionate about letterforms.

In my Spanish life I share a publishing house with my business partner Manuel Sesma, called Tipo e which focuses on Latin Typography, and I collaborate regularly with the Spanish media Don Serifa and, and occasionally in Unos tipos duros with articles about type and graphic design.

Since May 2013 I am a happy member of the TypeTogether’s team, responsible for design & communication.

Since September 2013 I am a happy PhD candidate at Central Saint Martins, and my research topic is ‘Architectural lettering and house style: early branding on commercial buildings’.

It seems I cannot stop being happy.

I apologise in advance for any grammatical crimes I might commit.


Let’s keep in contact:

by email: elena @ tipo-e. com [delete spaces!]

by twitter: @graphicgirl

or in person: check the events I will attend to (right column)