The webfonts situation

I am afraid that while I learn how to use Typekit—and I find time to deal with it—the webfonts situation in the blog might be somehow scandalous. Ok, maybe not that bad, but for someone working in a typefoundry as a typographer, it’s really bad.

Soon Maybe not that Soon, there will be a proper text face for texts, a titling face for headlines, and a secondary face for menus.


Thanks to Florian Hardwig’s  help via Twitter I was able to keep the webfonts situation under control. I had to tackle some robots here and there, but it should work for a while. I decided to combine Soleil, a great geometric sans by Wolfang Homola, in headings only, with Essay Text, designed by Ellmer Stefan, as the main text face. Both are distributed by TypeTogether, and here they are being served by Typekit. The typeface for the heading is Vampiro One, by Riccardo De Franceschi, served by Google Fonts. For the mobile version, I believe the typefaces are the same.