Serif on the rock

Or how to drink throughout the year enjoying typographical events.

No doubt that design and type conferences are living a wonderful time, there are conferences everywhere in the globe and traveling has never been so easy. But are they all worth it or are we looking at a saturated offer?  Looking through the calendar one can notice the same speakers here and there, as well as conference prices going up (some tickets are equivalent to the minimum wage of southern European countries, Spain, Portugal or Greece). Wondering if the audience gets the value of the price, I assume it depends on expectations and affordability.

However, the advantage of this situation is that its possible to find events that suited all kind of interests and tastes. From the rock-star conferences held in overcrowded theaters, where speakers are the closest to the Rolling Stone we are ever going to find in the type scene; to more intimate talks, where speakers share the design process, the project is the important aspect of the talk and fame does not matter that much. And of course we also have the academic events,  in which speakers presents their investigations and researches.

It is too early in the year, therefore some of the events have not confirmed yet the speakers nor programs; some others have not announced yet if there will be a new edition yet (for instance the Spanish Serifalaris in Bilbao, Typoweek in Barcelona or Lettepress: Something to say in London). This will be an on-going post, so stay tuned for new information and new events.

Lets check out the typographical events of this promising year, 2013:

–Update 1 (21 Jan): Entretipos, new event in Barcelona, April.
–Update 2 (25 Jan): Tell me about editorial design and Typotag, Munich, in February; Type Display, Lyon, different exhibitions and talks; Tipocracia, Brazil, in March;
–Update 3 (29 Jan): Ampersand (Brighton and New York); Kerning in Faenza; What design can do, in The Netherlands.
–Update 4 (13 Feb): two talks part of the Herb Lubalin Lecture Series, a part of Cooper Union, NY, in March.
–Update 6 (29 March): two new talks at StBride, London (April & May); Tipos de Interes, talks around typography in Granada, Spain (17–18 May); confirmed speakers in Point London, AGI, Ampersand, Kerning and ICTVC and Entretipos.
–Update 7 (1 July): confirmed speakers and dates in Encontro da Tipografía, (Portugal)
—Update 8 (13 September): events in october and november in St Bride and 
Wayzgoose 2013
–Update 9: this post its too long, it will continue in a separate post with September, October and December events


TypoDay. Bussines Typography talks


When: 8 February 2013
Where: Sttutgart, Germany
Language: German
Price: 198 €

One day conference and seminars. Speakers include: Erik Spiekermann and Tim Ahrens, among many others.

Ken Garland. A graphic celebration

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 15.34.36When: Tuesday 12 February 2013 at 7pm
Where: In the Bridewell Hall, St Bride Foundation, London, Uk
Language: English
Price: £15.00 · Friends of St Bride Library £12.50 · Students (bring NUS card) £10.00

A celebration of life and work of Ken Garland, talks  including Anne Oddling Smee, Richard Hollis, Mafalda Spencer, Ray Carpenter and Fraser Muggeridge. The panel will be moderated by Adrian Shaughnessy, author of Ken Garland: Structure and Substances.

Albert Corbeto. The golden age of the Spanish book

Quijote-Ibarra-webWhen: Tuesday 19 February 2013 at 7pm
Where: In the Bridewell Hall, St Bride Foundation
Language: English
Price: Admission £5

Albert Corbeto, Spanish historian will talk about the Spanish printing history. This is, as Spaniards, to “stick a pike in Flanders” (long old story involving the Netherlands and Carlos V that means to achieve something that looks impossible).

Type display

Type DisplayWhen: 21 Feb 2013
Where: Lyon, France
Language: French

Paul Barnes type designer and founder of Commercial Type will speak about the book  “Marian, une collection de revivals” published by Ypsilon. Type Display is also exhibitions, conferences, and more, from 4 Feb to 6 April.


TypotagWhen: 22 Feb 2013
Where: Munich, Germany
Language: German and English?
Price: starting in 50 euros, to 295.

9th edition of this one day conference, related to the next event in the list Tell me about Editorial Design. Speakers including Albert-Jan Pool, Boris Kochan, Carlo Zapponi…

Tell me about Editorial Design!

tell me about editorial design!When: 23–24 Feb 2013
Where: Munich, Germany
Language: German and English?
Price: until 8February 120 euros for members, 150 eur for non-members. Full price 170 eur/200 eur, and 50 eur for students.

Editorial design and type designers, so far Paul Barnes from Commercial Type confirmed as speaker.


Herb Lubalin Lecture Series: Zapf’s Alphabets by Jerry Kelly

TypeCooperWhen: 4 March
Where: New York, USA
Language: English
Price: free

The Herb Lubalin Lecture Series is a part of  Cooper Union , open to the public. In this talk the typographer and calligrapher Jerry Kelly will describe the history of many of Zapf’s types: Marconi, AMS Euler, Linotype Zapfino, Zapf Civilite, Palatino…

Typography Day

-1When: 7 March 2013
Where: Guwahati, India
Language: English
Price: Professionals: US$ 400; Faculty: US$ 250; Students: US$ 125 (there is adeadline for registration: 31st January 2013)

Typography Day will be organized for the sixth time in 2013 at the Department of Design (DoD) at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT Guwahati). The theme for this year’s event is ‘Display Typography’, keynote speakers are Mary Dyson and Gerry Leonidas. At least 7 workshops related to type.

Lettres modernes. Victor Guéguan, «Jan Tschichold»

lettres modernesWhen: 12 March 2013
Where: Ésam Caen/​Cherbourg, France
Language: French
Price: –
A series of lectures about typeface design, history and culture, held in the city of Caen (FR).

Herb Lubalin Lecture Series: The Tao of Hand and Eye: Exploring the dynamics of formal and informal letterforms

TypeCooperWhen: 18 March
Where: New York, USA
Language: English
Price: free

The difference between the formal and informal scripts, typography vs calligraphy, the eye and the hand…

Tipocracia, encontro internacional de tipografia

tipocraciaWhen: 21-23 March
Where: São Paulo, Brazil
Language: Portuguese, English
Price: Until 20 Feb regular price R$ 330, students, members of ATypI and Tipocratas R$280; until 20 March R$ 400 / 340.

Three days of conferences, debates about type design, history, calligraphy, letterpress, new technologies… Confirmed speakers including: Christian Schwartz, Crystian Cruz, Fabio Haag, Nick Sherman, Paul Shaw, Rubén Fontana, Peter Bilak and Marina Chaccur.

Peace, Hellfire & Tits

Seb LesterWhen: Tuesday 26 March 2013 at 7pm
Where: In the Bridewell Hall, St Bride Foundation
Language: English
Price: Tickets £15.00 · Friends of St Bride Library £12.50 · Students (bring NUS card) £ 10.00

Conference by Seb Lester, former student at Central Saint Martins, Senior Type Designer at Monotype type designer, calligrapher.

Type display

Type DisplayWhen: 28 Marc 2013
Where: Lyon, France
Language: French

Pauline Nunez type designer and graphic designer will introduce her work (with Sébastien Morlighem) and  for the Bibliothèque typographique — Ypsilon Éditeur. Type Display is also exhibitions, conferences, and more, from 4 Feb to 6 April.


Lettres modernes. Franck Jalleau, «Création typogra­phique à l’Imprimerie Nationale»

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 15.23.06When: 2 April 2013
Where: Imec, Caen/​Cherbourg, France
Language: French
Price: –
A series of lectures about typeface design, history and culture, held in the city of Caen (FR).

John Baskerville: art, industry and technology in the Enlightenment

john_baskervilleWhen: 6-7 April 2013
Where: Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, Birmingham
Language: English
Price: One-day ticket £45.00 members, £55.00 non-members; Two-day ticket £75.00 members, £85.00 non-members. Prices include three-course lunch and all refreshments

Two days exploring the life, work, context, importance of John Baskerville, organized by The Typographic Hub. Speakers include: James Mosley, Dr Caroline Arche, Simon Loxley, Sébastien Morlighem, Gerry Leonidas…

Mapping the Data City

Mapping LondonWhen: 10 April 2013
Where: St Bride, London
Language: English
Price: £15 · Friends of St Bride Library £12.50 · Students (bring NUS card) £10

Talk by James Cheshire,  lecturer at the UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis and blogs for, who will explore the latest maps and visualisations of London produced from the millions of digital traces recorded each day from its people, transport and buildings.

Typo San Francisco 2013. Contrast

TypoSanFranciscoWhen: 11-13 April 2013
Where: San Francisco, USA
Language: English
Price: Pro: 500 – 600$; students 250$

Three days of design conferences in San Francisco, speakers including: Marian Bantjes, Matthew Butterick, Stephen Coles, Erik Spiekermann, Erik Kessels…


EntretiposWhen: 20-21 April 2013
Where: Barcelona, Spain
Language: Spanish
Price: –

Two days of workshops and conferences in Barcelona. Speakers: Andreu Balius, Clara Montagut, Octavio Pardo, Manuel Sesma, Oriol Miró, Marta Armada, Pedro Arilla.



KerningWhen: 2-3 May
Where: Faenza, Italy
Language: English, Italian?
Price: 140 € until March 16; 175 €

They claim to be “is the first international conference in Italy dedicated solely to typography and web typography”. Some confirmed speakers: Luc(as) De Groot,  The Standardistas, Yves Peters…

Point London

PointWhen: 2–3 May 2013
Where: Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London, Uk
Language: English
Price: Professional Tickets: Early Bird Professional – £300 until 28 February 2013. Full Price Professional – £400 // Student Tickets – £180 until 30 March 2013

Two days of design conferences, most of the speakers still to be confirmed. It is the first edition, lets see what brings up. Some confirmed speakers: Alan Fletcher, Andy Altmann, Erik Spiekermann, Gordon Young, Jonathan Barnbrook, Milton Glaser …

Alan Fletcher’s Colophon

FletcherWhen: 9 May 2013
Where: St Bride, LondonLanguage:
EnglishPrice: £15 · Friends of St Bride Library £12.50 · Students (bring NUS card) £10

This talk will based around Fletcher’s largely unknown series of books Monographica, and hopes to give some context to their creation whilst at the same time offering an overview of Fletcher’s fifty-year career. Speaker Daniel Chehade was approached by Raffaella Fletcher, daughter of Alan Fletcher, to help set up Fletcher Studio.

Lettres Modernes. Jonathan Perez, «De la création typogra­phique dans la recherche scientifique»

lettres modernesWhen: 14 May 2013
Where: Ésam Caen/​Cherbourg, France
Language: French
Price: –
A series of lectures about typeface design, history and culture, held in the city of Caen (FR).

What design can do

what design can doWhen: 16 and 17 May
Where: Somewhere in The Netherlands
Language: English

Last year theme was the “impact of design”, for 2013 edition speakers are listed, but information is hard to fin in the website.

 Tipos de Interés

Tipos interesWhen: 17-18 May 2013
Where: Granada, Spain
Language: Spanish
Price: free

First talks in Granada, organized by the students of the local School of Design, speakers and programmed to be confirmed. Some speakers include: Enric Jardí, Elena Veguillas (that’s me!), Toormix, Francisco de Paula, Granada Tierra Soñada and Ricardo Rousselot.

Typo Berlin. International Design Talks. Touch

TypoBerlinWhen: 16-18 May 2013
Where: Berlin, Germany
Language: English
Price: Pro: 450 €, 550 €, 650 €; students: 219 €, 279 €

Some confirmed speakers include: Paul Barnes, Anthony Burrill, Ken Garland, Gerry Leonidas, Simon Manchipp (SomeOne), Kate Moross. Despite the name, and being organised by Fontshop, it is a design conference, but there are many talks related to typography.

IStype 2013

IstypeWhen: 13-16 June 2013
Where: Istambul, Turkey
Language: English
Price: …


5th International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication

ICTVCWhen: 4-12 June 2013
Where: Nicosia, Cyprus
Language: English and probably some Greek
Price: Conference Pass: Professionals  120 €;  200 € from 21 April until 13 May 2013, Students,  60 €; 110 € from 21 April until 13 May 2013. Conference + one Workshop Pass:  170 €; students, € 100.00. Workshop Pass: 80 €. Registration fees include admissions to all sessions, the accompanying exhibition, coffee breaks, and a conference bag with the abstracts’ usb.

Speakers and talks to be confirmed yet, but the astonishing scientific committee is good enough to get a ticket (Michael Twyman, Neville Brody, Erik Spiekermann, Fiona Ross…). It will be hot in Cyprus, that might be reason enough to go.
Some confirmed speakers include: Sofie Beier, Mary Dyson, Gerry Leonidas, Sallie Morris, Jeanne-Louise Moy, Julián Moncada, Vaibhav Singh

Offf. Lets feed the future

OffWhen: 6-8 June 2013
Where: Barcelona, Spain
Language: English and maybe some Spanish
Price: 110 €

Three days of design and advertising conferences and workshops, and some type. This edition includes: Laura Meseguer, Atypo, Brosmind, Jessica Walsh, Joshua Davis, Marta Cerdà, Vault49 and many many others.


Ampersand. The web typography conference

ampersandWhen: 28 June 2013
Where: Brighton, UK
Language: English
Price: £125 + VAT

One of the few type events where web is the main role. A lot to learn about software, webfonts and other stuff. This is the English “branch”, in November there is another conference in New York.
Some speakers include: Gerry Leonidas, Mark Boulton and Erik Spiekermann



TypeConWhen: 21-25 August 2013
Where: Portland, Oregon, USA
Language: English

Organized by the Society of Typographic Aficionados, the theme of this year’s Type & Design Education Forum is “Changing of the Guard”. Proposals for communications are open till March 1st. Speakers and program to be confirmed.

For September, October, November and December events go to Serif on the rock vol II

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