From now on I declared this blog obsolete and will continue posting in my new site/blog:

See you there!

Hello and welcome to this blog, a place where I’d like to share my thoughts and research about typography and letterforms.

My name is Elena, I am a Spanish researcher, graphic designer, journalist and publisher and, above all, I am passionate about letterforms.

In my Spanish life, I share a publishing house with my business partner Manuel Sesma, called Tipo e which focuses on Latin Typography, I have collaborated with the Spanish media Don Serifa,, and Unos tipos duros with articles about type and graphic design, and more recently I have shared some articles in I have compiled a list with my articles, talks, interviews, all that sort of things, it can be accesed here.

Since May 2013 I am a happy member of the TypeTogether’s team, responsible for design & communication.

Since September 2013 I am a happy PhD candidate at Central Saint Martins, and my research topic is ‘Why and how architectural lettering was used on London’s public houses in the early 20th century (1902–1939)’.

It seems I cannot stop being happy.

I apologise in advance for any grammatical crimes I might commit.

If you want to contact me you can reach through via email: elena @ tipo-e. com [delete spaces] or via Twitter: @graphicgirl

You can read the privacy policy here.

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