The kerning & the fence


The kerning & the fence it is not a pub, but the typographic problem that the architects Emberton, Franck & Tardre forget to check when the designed the Brunswick Close Estate, in Tompion Street, Islington, London, back in 1956–58.



Every time I walk to the grocery store I can see the building front name and I always wonder why this would happened. There is no way to know if this was a mistake actually from the architectures  –maybe lack of importance for them?–, or it was a “last minute” issue, a problem with the suppliers of the fences or the letters itself. But its clear that there was a problem when adjusting the capital letters on Brunswick, to be more accurate, there was no proper adjusting.
Funny thing (if you, as I am, are also a bit insane), the estate has two doors with the name in different streets, and in both cases the situation is repeated. The espace between the R and U is too visible and that could have been easily corrected. But between the C and K there is an iron column! Therefore the K is melted within the next group of letters, and there is a huge gap  within the word.



It is definitely not the end of the world, but considering how respectful are in the country with letterforms it really surprises me.


PS: I apologies for the bad quality images, the Iphone has meant an amazing step in communication and immediacy, but a completely backward movement in quality concept.

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