My typographic spring tour


A brief update before this blog is full of spider web. The following 3 weeks I will be in Spain in different typographic events:

Jornadas de Tipografía de Granada, also called Tipos de Interés (17-18 May). This is a very special one-day conference because it has been organized by students and its a non-lucrative project. I’ve been invited to talk about Tipo e and other issues related to typography. There will be also workshops, all fully booked, and a lettering walk in Granada. Really looking forward for that!

Pre·serifalaris. The real event is Serifalaris, a week later, in Getxo, North Spain, and accidentally my hometown. This is a pre-event on the 24th of May, including a poster exhibition about Basque designers and two talks. I will be offering one of the talks presenting the book Cómo crear tipografías. In addition, I’ve contributed to the exhibition with a poster that I cant show yet, but my dancing Chanchitos are already free to dance the Salsa Caliente:



Serifalaris. The real event, one day of conferences, workshops and food (31 May). I will be there just enjoying the type-day. Although there will be something related to Tipo e.

Note on the poster: This poster is for my mother, as she is not really aware of when I will be in my hometown, and I dont blame her. This was her reply: «its a beautiful poster, mydarling, but are you coming for dinner on the 23rd or not?».
Poster set in Bahiana font, by Dani Raskovsky and Pablo Cosgaya.

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