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Side Note I: generosity & hostility in the city

Considering the lack of time that I have to write here I’ve decided to start a new category, Side Note, not an exceptionally original name but it does the work. It will be the place to quickly share some ideas about topics that I am interested about, but while I am in this adventure of that-thing-called-phd  I should not focus on […]


The Rolling Bibliography

My supervisor recommended to have a ‘rolling’ bibliography. I couldn’t love the name more. The original ‘rolling’ one includes mostly everything I am reading. I thought I could clean it and leave only the books related to public lettering and share it. Maybe one day I will add comments on each book, but considering the […]

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that thing call phd

  It’s been a year since I enrolled as a Phd candidate at Central Saint Martins, an academic year at least, and it’s probably about time to share what I am doing there. The goal of the first year here at UAL (University of the Arts London) is the so-called Registration, a formality that all […]