Serif on the rock

Or how to drink throughout the year enjoying typographical events. No doubt that design and type conferences are living a wonderful time, there are conferences everywhere in the globe and traveling has never been so easy. But are they all worth it or are we looking at a saturated offer?  Looking through the calendar one can […]


«Especial Lettering», published in Iconographic magazine 03

*  This article was first published in Spanish in Iconographic magazine, a late Spanish magazine typography related, April 2010. ** Top image credits: lettering by Iván Castro, published in Iconographic magazine. It is difficult to reconstruct the visual history of graphic design, even more if this gaze is directed towards the present, and it is particularly difficult if you field of […]


Laura Meseguer, are these your types?

Laura Meseguer is an award-winning typeface designer and lettering artist. She has send me this brochure with some of her custom types. It is not just the quality of her work, but the quality and care taken into this postcard, it has been printed in heavy weight Munken Linx paper, and of course, its letterpress. Laura’s website.