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Women in [type] design

In the last few weeks, some designer friends have asked me about websites or links to pages that showcase women in (type) design. I’ve decided to compile a list of resources for designers, conference organisers, or anyone with an interest in diversity and inclusion. Of course this could be a much larger debate, about gender issues, […]


Type & Design bookshops

I’ve tried to find good lists of bookshops specialised in type design, typography and graphic design, but it is very hard to find anything useful. So I decided to make my own list. I am using Google Maps because adding new entries is really fast and because it is easy to check on the phone, […]


2014 Recap: ten ‘lettering-moments’ of the year

I cannot find a better way to recap the year 2014 —and incidentally to use this almost-forgotten blog— other than choosing the ten best lettering-moments of the year. I am afraid they will be my moments, those that had a singular meaning, of pictures that I took in places that I visited in Spain and England. […]


Serif on the rock

Or how to drink throughout the year enjoying typographical events. No doubt that design and type conferences are living a wonderful time, there are conferences everywhere in the globe and traveling has never been so easy. But are they all worth it or are we looking at a saturated offer?  Looking through the calendar one can […]


The kerning & the fence

  The kerning & the fence it is not a pub, but the typographic problem that the architects Emberton, Franck & Tardre forget to check when the designed the Brunswick Close Estate, in Tompion Street, Islington, London, back in 1956–58.     Every time I walk to the grocery store I can see the building front name and […]